Saturday, May 14, 2016

Costa Rica!!!

Costa Rica…

What a magical place!
If you’re looking for a high-adventure spot, it’s definitely worth the trip!

From swimming in waterfalls to lava-heated mineral pools to canyoneering to kayaking to spelunking to zip lining to giant-rope-swinging to scuba diving to beach-chilling…. It’s a gorgeous country full of exciting things to do!

What a wonderful way to spend a birthday :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thoughts on Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training is one of those things that I always kinda wanted to do.

Though my personal practice over the years has been inconsistent (no longer, however), I’d get that feeling each year that teacher training was something I should look into. So, each year, I’d look into options and get all excited, but things always got in the way. Schedules didn’t work out, mostly, since I do work full time. So I’d write it off and shove it into the back of my mind yet again.

Well, this year was different. Last fall I decided that it was time to make things happen. I did my usual do-a-ton-of-research-online thing, checking out different programs, schedules, prices, expectations, and teachers. I sent out a bunch of feeler emails, I started trying different studios around the valley, and I decided that Salt Lake Power Yoga was the perfect option. I made arrangements at work, jumping through a lot of hoops, and I bucked up and paid the fee. Then the nerves set in :)

Teacher Training lasted through March and April, landing on every other weekend (ALL weekend). It made life super full and busy, but it was such a great time! I learned a ton, met some wonderful people, deepened my personal practice (hello, headstand!), and, now that I’m done, have started teaching a few (2) classes a week to get started down this exciting path!

If you love yoga and want to share that passion, I highly recommend making YTT happen. The time, the money, the scheduling… they’re all so worth it in the end :)

A few things to share:
-You don’t have to be “ready” or “good enough” for YTT. I’m naturally inflexible, don’t have a handstand (yet), and struggle through plenty of poses. That didn’t matter. As long as you’re willing to learn, you are ready now!

-I learned a lot about self-care through the long days and arduous practices. Hydration, eating small-but-nutritious meals, plenty of sleep, and comfort items like blankets and tea were essential for getting through the training…. And the same applies to tough times throughout life in general :)

- I highly recommend doing your research beforehand, since you’ll be buying into your studio’s philosophy and “flavor” when you do their trainings. If you want to teach a gentle, relaxing yoga class, a power yoga studio might not give you all the tools you want. Knowing what I was getting into helped a lot :).

So thankful for this experience and opportunity!!!