Saturday, May 30, 2009

Loosen up baby

Today, My Beloved Roommate and I leave on a road trip... for OK and TX.

That's normal, we're cool, guys.

My spiel of the day - be a duck. Let life slide off your feathers. Don't let little/big problems break your stride. Bad things happen, perhaps often, but what counts is how we handle those tough times.

Keep smiling, and know that you're strong enough to handle whatever is thrown your way, there's a lot to be said for endurance.

More evidence that I'm a nerd.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


First, an update. Survived finals, survived moving, survived training and re-certification for lifeguarding at Seven Peaks, loved the visit from my mom, loved Wicked, loved learning that I can survive hard times, loved rediscovering my independence, loved getting my life back on the right track.

Overall, a good month, I’d say.

I’ve never been the kind to lose focus. I’ve always been very into self-discipline, goal setting and achieving, doing what’s right, and trying to improve myself and those around me. I think maybe I got complacent. Excelling and being a good person became almost second nature, I forgot how to try, how to put forth effort. I guess I subconsciously figured I was set, that nothing could break my stride.

Of course, that’s when temptation and struggles and life get in the way.

This life is a never-ending challenge (that can result in never-ending happiness, if we rise to said challenge) and we can never let our guard down. There is no save-point or get-out-of-trials-free card, there is only progression or regression.

Although going through times like this obviously has negative side-effects, I think it’s alerted me to how aware I truly need to be. I can make difficult choices and I can come out of tribulation on top, but I need to remember that it requires constant effort and deviation from the path of least resistance.

one day, I'll get over posting lame pictures that make me laugh. today is not that day.