Monday, December 30, 2013

Spinning - our latest obsession

So our latest "thing" is going to spin class together (isn't he great??). Since it's winter, and since I married a cyclist, it just makes sense, eh? The endorphin high, the drenched-in-sweat car ride home together, the feeling of doing something that's working our hearts so well... and staying in shape during the off-season is obviously a plus :)

(our last 2 classes together)

(and a picture of back when it was warm... just to remind us why we do this to ourselves :))

Adore him :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

December of service!

So last Christmas we started this tradition where we do an act of service (outside of what we would already do) each day leading up to Christmas. We weren't perfect at it, but we loved it!

We decided to keep it going this year, so once we got back from out trip, we started up the goal of at least one act of service per day... and it was AWESOME! We love this tradition --- it really helps us get into the Christmas spirit (and it probably keeps us grounded cause we really like getting presents for each other haha). From donations of money or goods to organizations like women's shelters to watching our neighbors' kids to volunteering at Blood Drives, we had an amazing experience. What a blessing, to be in the position to make the Christmas season a little better for someone else!

(our chart and a Christmas bag of donations)

It's our goal now to try and be mindful of those around us all year... after all, why limit this kind of happiness to the Christmas season?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dreaming of Paradise.... back from vacation

Remember that travel bug I posted about? Yay cruises! Different countries, amazing food, lots of sunshine, and a glimpse into the way other people live... love it. The only lame part is coming back home :)

Tony (our new buddy in Jamaica)

The Pinkleys (making new friends is the best)

Holding and swimming with freaking sting rays in the Cayman Islands

Cruisin the Keys with my love

And so much more. The Keys, Gramd Cayman, Jamaica, and Haiti. Love <3