Saturday, September 3, 2016

Being Humbled

Welp. My triathlon is in a week.

Am I ready?

No freaking way haha.

Thanks to a stress fracture at the end of July, I haven't really trained much (besides a few sessions in the pool) for this race. Thankfully, this has led to my foot healing up quite well.
Unfortunately, it means I'll go into the race pretty much untrained.

These last 3 days have been the beginning of my training (great timing, a week out), and they have certainly been humbling...

(read: beyond frustrating).

On the upside, however, it's forced me to take a step back, to listen to my body, to let go of my ideas of what I "need to do" or "will do," and to be okay with whatever happens. For someone as high-strung as myself, those are major steps, so maybe this experience has been put in my life for a reason.

Or so I hope.