Thursday, August 14, 2014

Compression, oh yeah.

The day I discovered compression was a happy day indeed.

I swell. When I travel (via car or plane), when I hike, when I get really hot... I get cankles and sausage fingers, pronto. It's real attractive. Not. So I used to just deal with it, albeit miserably.

Then I discovered that compression socks aren't just for the overly-obese or nurses (stereotyping at it's finest), and now I hate traveling without them!! Plus, talk about cute!!

Then, I took it a step further. My body doesn't always appreciate the abuse I force upon it. Enter compression tights. I mainly wear them running, and not only do they kinda keep everything aligned (and I find that I get less sore and tight), but they also look awesome! I always get compliments :)

My body just loves being compressed, I guess! :)

Thoughts on compression? Love? Useless? Recommendations?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Harry Potter 5K!

Very very few things bring me as much joy as Harry Potter.

I used to try to keep that under wraps, but no longer. I just straight up love Harry, JKR, and the whole Potterverse. So. Much. Happiness. I really do feel bad for you if you are too young or too old to appreciate the magic and awesomeness that is HP.

That being said, when I saw that there was to be a 5K on Harry Potter's birthday, I knew it had to happen. I looked and looked for someone who loved HP as much as I do, and I found an awesome friend who gets just as giddy as I do over this series.

Come July 31st, we showed up at Liberty Park, costumed up and ready to party! So much fun! So much birthday cake! So much happiness!!

I walked/jogged the first lap with my awesome friend, then I did the second lap on my own... and at the end, they gave me 4th place in the costume contest (which I didn't deserve, but that's another story)!! Such a fun evening!

It just doesn't seem like exercise when you dress like Dobby and have such a fun time!!