Sunday, April 10, 2016

Avoiding burnout

Even when your life is ridiculously charmed, stress happens.

In this culture where we seem to think that being busy = being happy, our lives can get all too filled with... things. Work, volunteer opportunities, workouts, social events, errands, and so many other other things consume our time; and even though they can be great/worth spending time on, they add up.

Balance is not something I'm always great at. But it's something I'm trying to be better about. I try to take more baths, do more yoga, steal small moments to just BE, and, on Monday, I took a spa day at the Kura Door. :) Best. Experience. Ever. Not only was it gloriously relaxing, it also served as a great reminder that I need to take little moments for myself, to refresh and recharge, rather than just speeding through life.

Now if only I can keep it up :)