Saturday, February 27, 2016

Some things are just good for your soul

On a wonderful women's retreat this weekend, we had a great discussion about taking care of ourselves and "filling our buckets," and it was a great reminder to me that we, as humans, simply can't run on empty. Cruisin on fumes might work for a while, but the breakdown will come eventually unless we find ways to refuel.

These past two weekends were definitely some of those refueling experiences for me - spending a gorgeous day with family and getting to know some pretty amazing women. :)

Self-care has started to get more attention, and that's a good thing in this time of being constantly on the move. There are so many things to do, experience, and accomplish in life - it can seem impossible to slow down! Fortunately, people are recognizing that this is something we need more of in our personal lives, careers, fitness pursuits, and pretty much every other aspect of life. Balance is so essential to prevent burnout, so here's to filling our buckets and staying strong and happy! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Forever generalist...

Sometimes I see people who are REALLY good at something - their sport, their instrument, their talent, their passion... and I get envious. I seem unable to specialize, and my time and energies are spread out over too many hobbies... I love skiing, and biking, and running (and therefore triathlons), and yoga, and lifting, and reading, and writing, and music, and climbing, and just way too many things.

I feel extremely lucky to be able to try so many fun things and to indulge in so many hobbies, but it definitely means I'll never be amazing at any one of them. I can't spend too much feeling sorry for myself, however, because I do have a lot of fun :)