Thursday, December 31, 2009

Life is like Pre-school

In Pre-school,
You have choices – dinosaurs or blocks? Sand or dolls?
There are necessary things – learning to clean up your mess, waiting in line, not hitting your neighbor…
Bad things happen – the mean boy cuts in front of you in said line, you get laughed at for spilling your juice…
And you feel as if it is all of the upmost importance.

In life, it is very much the same.

You are presented with choices, there are some necessary things to accomplish, and things don’t always go as we want them to… and we get so caught up in the things that we think are important.

But really, is any of it more important than that which we dealt with at the age of 4, in the long run?

As far as eternity goes, it’ll be like looking back on pre-school… what we did wasn’t nearly as important as it felt at the time, and we can barely remember the major “issues” with which we dealt… And the choices that seemed so important (well if I choose dinosaurs, then Michael-Recycle will play with me, but I’ll get dirty, and I won’t get to play with dolls today) don’t matter so much when it’s all said and done (well should I go to this school, or choose this career? Should I live in this country working with this company?)…

What matters is what we get out of our experience.
Am I ready to begin school?
Am I ready for the progression that comes after this life?

Wise turtle, this one is.

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