Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Ok, ok, even though I’m not horribly artistic, crafting is my guilty pleasure. When a girl told me this last weekend that my home looked like “Pinterest gone right,” I figured I could just go ahead and die happy.

My crafting history, however, is extremely short at this point. Not that long ago, crafting was extremely intimidating to me. When I found this project in a magazine at the hospital one night, however, I decided I needed to learn how to knit.

I mean, if anything is going to motivate someone to take on a major knitting project, it would be that blanket, amiright?

It’s freaking beautiful. Never mind that I have never knit anything in my whole life. I don’t even crochet. Or sew. Or even use one of those looms that most little girls use to make potholders for their grandmas. Nope, not me. I figure square one (and two through twelve) will be this gorgeous blanket.

Enter a craft store purchase of some bamboo knitting needles and cheap yarn so I could hurry up and teach myself. Next, YouTube tutorials for casting on, a basic stitch, and casting off. Then, the realization that internet tutorials suck because you get zero feedback and that cheap yarn is miserable to work with.

Needless to say, my knitting box went into retirement for several months.

I saw that lovely picture the other day though, so my motivation returned. I bought some better yarn and realized that KNITTING IS AWESOME! Who knew?? You can do it while you watch a movie, on long road trips, sitting around and talking with people, pretty much whenever you want! (Even a climbing/canyoneering trip where everyone else is hardcore and you feel kinda silly)

Now I just need to find the perfect yarn for that darn blanket…

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