Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

You know how some things just make you really happy?

I have LOTS of those things. But these are some of my favorites:

This video about the minions in Despicable Me 2. And that movie in general.

Coconut. And all tropical deliciousness. This blog post is about different ways to add coconut to your diet. Yum.

These recreations of childhood photos. Hilarious. Genius. I think I want to do this picture:

The house we've built. It's almost done and we'll hopefully be in it next week!

(ps that picture is from like a week ago, even more progress has been made since then)

Beaches. The sand, the sun, the ocean... does it get much better?? I can't wait till our California trip in a few weeks, so until then, I'll have to rely on memories of Fiji.......

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