Saturday, January 18, 2014

Women and Strength Training

I love how much limelight women and lifting are getting right now. People are finally realizing that strength training isn't just for men and creepy man-ladies who terrify small children (and most adults). People are starting to separate the myths from the truths and figure out that getting stronger and building lean mass (aka not fat) is a GOOD thing --- no matter who you are! And I love it.

Who doesn't want a bangin' body that comes with the strength to take care of yourself? Who doesn't love the feeling of being able to move that couch, lift that box, or pull yourself up onto something? How is this a new thing? Haven't we (as women) always had to be strong? Why are we just realizing that we can take pride in our ability to intentionally increase that strength? I think it's beautiful, and I love being part of this movement, of this culture change. I love helping women step out of their comfort zones and try new, sometimes intimidating lifts. I love seeing their progress. I love watching them realize and come into their own strength. I love watching them take control of their own lives.

I love the beauty that is the (physical) strength of women.

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