Sunday, April 27, 2014

Forced Recovery

Thanks to an unfortunate accident, my right hand is out of commission for a little while.

It's just a deep cut that required a visit to Urgent Care, but it means I can't use that hand... which really limits my ability to exercise. Obviously no lifting or biking, and even the impact of running is a no-go. Soooo that means I'm using these next several days for some major recovery. Might as well use the down-time for something productive :)

That means sleeping TONS (thanks to my bff Tylenol PM), which has been glorious. And lots of ice.

Long foam-rolling sessions every day

Going on walks

And generally doing things that make me feel good (like getting pedicures and eating delicious food and getting spoiled and taken care of by my husband!) :)

As much as it's frustrating to not be able to stay on track with my workout schedule for now, I'm hoping this forced recovery time will do me good in the long run :)


  1. Booooo to injuries! Hope you recover quickly. Holler at me if you need anything!

  2. It's good you didn't look at that deep cut as just another injury. I had a “deep cut” occupational injury involving a band saw. The emergency room doctor just stitched it up, but the hand specialist and occupational therapist recommended surgery. Deep cuts can hits tendons, extensors, and arteries. This is especially true for the hand. I'm sending speedy recovery wishes, but be sure to do everything the medical group recommends!

    Benedict @ U.S. HealthWorks Bridgewater