Thursday, August 14, 2014

Compression, oh yeah.

The day I discovered compression was a happy day indeed.

I swell. When I travel (via car or plane), when I hike, when I get really hot... I get cankles and sausage fingers, pronto. It's real attractive. Not. So I used to just deal with it, albeit miserably.

Then I discovered that compression socks aren't just for the overly-obese or nurses (stereotyping at it's finest), and now I hate traveling without them!! Plus, talk about cute!!

Then, I took it a step further. My body doesn't always appreciate the abuse I force upon it. Enter compression tights. I mainly wear them running, and not only do they kinda keep everything aligned (and I find that I get less sore and tight), but they also look awesome! I always get compliments :)

My body just loves being compressed, I guess! :)

Thoughts on compression? Love? Useless? Recommendations?

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