Thursday, August 13, 2015

Whole30: We are quitters

So. Our Whole30 is over. After 2 weeks of loving it, and even surviving our anniversary, we just ran into too many obstacles.

The vacation to St. George happened, then my family came into town. We were sitting at a family reunion and realized we would only be able to eat the lettuce and carrots. We attempted to stick to it… but while we sat there, missing out on all the delicious food (and the socializing that comes with it), we decided that it just wasn’t working for us at this time.

We will probably try again in January, and we’re definitely keeping up with a lot of our good, Whole30 habits! I feel like I’ve learned a lot and broken some bad habits. Overall, it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience, but I am glad it’s over, because I’m having a delicious, happy week with my family :)

give or take :)

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