Sunday, November 29, 2015

Airport Hacks

I heart traveling.

I came across this article today, and it inspired me to add my own "airport hacks" to the list! Feel free to add your own :)

1. Wear easily removable shoes and ditch the belt and jewelry. My husband is always miles behind me in the line, with his watch, keys, belt, shoes, etc. I wear leggings and slip-on shoes and am in and out of security like like a ninja.

2. Be smart about your carry-on. I like checking luggage, and do it whenever possible. It makes my carry-on light and easy. When I don't check luggage, however, I put my travel-things in one bag and anything I might need during the flight in another. This keeps me from frantically digging through all my belongings. I keep kindle, phone, any documents and ID, chargers, battery pack, water bottle and snacks, wet wipes, sleep stuff, etc. nice and handy.

3. Bring an empty water bottle. And snacks. You can then fill the water bottle at a water fountain and avoid hanger. It's real. Plus, this keeps me from binging on salty airplane snacks and soda.

4. Wet wipes. A lovely couple opened my eyes to the disgusting, germy cesspit that is airplane trays, and I never fly without sanitizing wipes to take care of that ish.

5. Sleeeep. I love to read my kindle while flying, but there's honestly no better way to pass the time than sleeping through the flight. A cozy scarf, an eye mask, and ear plugs make me look like that ridiculous person, but I'm too busy enjoying a glorious nap while not hearing that crying baby to care.


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