Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Italy & Greece.... Best trip ever!

If you ever want to take the vacation of a lifetime, I highly recommend Italy and Greece. The food, the sights, the history, the culture, the adventures, the beauty.... there are not words to describe how truly magical this trip was!

After a long trek to Europe, we got to hike through Cinque Terre, the cutest series of costal fishing villages you'll ever see!!

We briefly stopped in Pisa...

and then headed to Florence! We did a spectacular bike tour of lovely Tuscany! (PS it's as beautiful as you'd imagine).

Our next stop was Rome. Ah, Roma. What an amazing city. The history, the nightlife, the beautiful streets that you can wander through for hours... this was one of my favorite places.

Our last Italian city was Venice. Just..... wow. The waterways, the gelato, the narrow streets.... I loved exploring this place!

We then hopped on a cruise ship to take us to Greece! Our first stop was actually Kotor, Montenegro.

Then, we got to scuba dive on the lovely, green Corfu! We did an awesome cavern dive, and even saw an octopus!

Then.... ATHENS!!!! FREAKING ATHENS!!! I was so excited about this place, and it didn't disappoint. The acropolis, the temples, the food... seriously the best.

Next up, Mykonos! We rented a buggy and drove from beach to beach, taking in the amazingly blue water and white buildings!

Our last stop was on Kefalonia, where we did a kayaking tour of the coast. I've never seen water like that, and I've been to quite a few oceans! We saw some awesome caves and squooze (that's the technical term, I think) through some really tight tunnels! What a gorgeous way to end our perfect trip.

Truly, this trip could not have been any more fun, and I'm so blessed to have had this adventure with my favorite person ever!!!
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