Thursday, July 2, 2009

Billie Jean is not my lover....

Oh life. Live it, love it.

I am a list person. I have so many lists… on my phone, computer, brightly-colored-post-it notes, in my brain… things to accomplish throughout the day, things to buy, things of note, things to read, things to remember, things to achieve in my lifetime… all in hopes of giving myself some direction and trying to avoid forgetting something important.

I want to be a do-er. I think that’s part of why I make lists. If I have a physical set of mini-goals, I always have something to DO, rather than waste my time with sleeping or movies (which are easy to default to).

Having so much free time this summer (I’m not doing classes, just working) and living in a different kind of apartment complex (moving from the Colony to King Henry) have helped me learn a lot of lessons. So I’ll make a list :).

-ALL people are God’s children. Even the stupid ones.
-If I want to make something of my life, it’s up to me.
-I DO want to make something of my life.
-A testimony isn’t a given and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
-I don’t want to be the kind of person who is a burden to others.
-I have a testimony of the honor code and BYU’s standards.
-Going to all of your church meetings actually matters.
-Participating in those meetings matters too.
-Life is what you make of it.
-There are many levels of happiness, and the most desirous involves high standards, expecting a lot of yourself, working hard, sacrifice, and putting the Lord first.

And of course I learn new lessons every day. Isn’t life grand? :)

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