Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birthday 2013

This post is so I'll be able to always remember my second best birthday ever (because, let's be honest, nothing is ever going to top a last minute flight to Cancun and being proposed to on the beach at sunrise with the prettiest diamond ever).

I had to work from 5 am - 1 pm, but my great co-workers brought me delicious mint brownies and a GC to the ever-fabulous Lululemon, and my boss got me flowers and another GC. When I got home, my cute neighbor kids had written me a happy birthday message on the driveway in chalk. The Husband had more flowers waiting, along with presents from him and my parents. I then got a long footrub as my sister drove over, and we went to Orange Leaf to get frozen yogurt and then went slacklining in the park. The Husband and I then drove up to Salt Lake and went to The Roof (which I've dreamed about going to ever since I was a little kid and would see my parents go when we visited Utah on trips) and it was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Then we went and got pedicures (his first!) and watched PS I love you...... dang that man spoils me.

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