Sunday, June 1, 2014

A canyon in St. George and the last long bike ride..

So last weekend we took full advantage of the 3-day weekend and went down south... we rock climbed, slacklined, swam/laid out by the pool, ate delicious treats to our hearts' content, and did Birch Hollow - a canyon right outside of Zion.

It was a really beautiful canyon

with really awesome people

and many awesome rappels (and really cool scenery in general).

Fabulous weekend, fabulous experience. And so much fun! People often complain to me about how "boring" exercise is - but I think it's a matter of finding something fun for you. For some people it's running, for some people it's lifting, for some people it's hiking or climbing or surfing or canyoneering or biking or any other fun hobby that gets you moving. Love :)


Yesterday, The Husband and I were up in Layton, so we rode out to Antelope Island to get buffalo burgers (sorry guys, but you ain't got nothin on Meers burgers). Although I hate bumpy roads, this was still a really cool (and pretty) ride.

My life is crazy blessed :)

And my final thought for the day:


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