Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Peruvian Adventure!

Yay! I've finally started wading through the hundreds of pictures from our awesome trip last month! We seriously had the best time traveling around Peru, and my sweet husband even carried my luggage everywhere to save my back... no easy feat, let me tell you what.

A few highlights.

Lima. Amazing cathedrals with crazy-cool catacombs underneath! So huge and so beautiful!

The Amazon. A 3.5 hour boat ride up the River to our little bungalows. We saw SO much crazy wildlife! An ANACONDA, we caught and held that baby caiman (alligator thing), SLOTHS and monkeys.... we swam with dolphins and piranhas (which Kip also fished for, caught, and ate) in the freaking Amazon River (which looked more like a huge lake that went on forever)... and just had an amazing experience.

Cusco. One of the coolest cities I've ever seen. This was our hotel, such a great view of the city!

The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. What can I even say. SO BEAUTIFUL. Probably the coolest places I've ever seen. Pictures could never do it justice, it was definitely the experience of a lifetime. Go there. Do it. Just be prepared for those nasty toilets (yep, that gross hole in the ground) and that insane elevation.

Overall, it was SUCH a great trip! I'll forever be thankful for getting to experience parts of that gorgeous country with my love!!

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