Sunday, October 26, 2014

Working out lately...

... has been rough. I'm on a lot of drugs and a lot of things still hurt, but I'm getting squishy, I'm getting antsy, and I don't want to get too far behind (I still have aspirations for races and rides next summer, not to mention ski season coming up), and I just plain miss exercising. So I try to do at least a little.

That means I run. And by run I mean slowly jog slash sometime walk for like 1 - 2 miles. Sad. But it's slowly getting better.

That means I lift. And by lift I mean do a few chest, bicep, and leg exercises (everything else hurts too much) with really light weights. But at least it's something.

That means I climb. And by climb I mean do a few, short top-rope routes and ask someone else to do all the belaying so I don't have to look up for long periods of time.

This means I think about yoga. But don't actually attempt it because ouch.

But I'm trying. Even when I can only manage a few minutes, I figure it'll add up eventually. And it's keeping me sane - I'm sleeping better, I'm feeling better, and I'm still getting to wear workout clothes :)

this is my life

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