Saturday, February 7, 2015


The struggle to eat healthfully is real, y'all.

I'm not trying to lose weight or anything right now, but I am trying to eat a little more mindfully. I want to fuel my body so that during and after this recovery process, I will be able to accomplish the things I want.

And when there are doughnuts, snickers bars, and pumpkin cookies available, that is quite difficult, let me tell you.

So, a few of the little things I'm taking joy in.

Remember my little mint plant? Adding some leaves and a squeeze of lemon... delicious way to drink more water :)

Quinoa. Weird, and delicious. I just make it in water, no seasonings, and then drizzle it with some of that infused olive oil. I can make it on the weekend, divide it into containers, and take them with me for lunch. Perfect :)

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