Sunday, May 17, 2015

A new staple for my gym bag

So. Let's talk stinky feet for a moment. I know that your feet smell like roses after a workout sesh..... but mine don't. They smell like feet. And I hate that.

Working in the Fitness field, I do a lot of activities outside my own workout sessions. Demonstrating an exercise for a client, teaching quick ab classes, testing out equipment, and other activities can get my feet.... warm. Which doesn't bode well after a long day haha.

Luckily, I discovered these foot wipes that smell like peppermint!! Love!! I just throw a pack into my gym bag and can wipe my feet down whenever I need to. I also keep spare pairs of socks in there, so I can swap those out as well. I can use them throughout the day, post-workout when I'm no going to shower right away, or just whenever I want my feet to smell delicious :)

My gym bag just got a whole lot happier :)

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