Thursday, July 30, 2015

Whole 30: Days 5 & 6

Welp. I think I survived the hardest trial of the 30 days and came out on top…. So I’m golden from here on out, right??? :)

Today, I (1) went to Costco and (2) handled white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies (arranging them on a plate as a gift) without so much as a single taste.

I never knew I had it in me. Seriously haha.

In other news, a new favorite breakfast addition: sweet potato! I did this one in the microwave because I’m already burned out on cooking, but I just nuked it for 5 mins, flipped, repeated, peeled, chopped, and added ghee (clarified butter), cinnamon, and unsweetened coconut flakes. Soooo delicious.

Also, I usually make this as pasta, but I just left out the pasta part (recipe at the bottom). Yum, yum, and yum.

So far I think I'll live. It's definitely a sacrifice - treats get brought to work, Costco ladies offer you free cheesecake, you reaalllllyyyy want caffeine after waking up at 3:45 am for work - but I keep telling myself that my health is worth it :)

Pasta-less deliciousness (or sausage in spicy, fresh tomato sauce):
-1 pkg compliant sausage (got mine at Whole Foods)
-grape tomatoes, halved
-a few cloves of garlic, minced
-onion, sliced or chopped
-fresh basil, torn
-salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes
-olive oil
-like ½ cup water

Cook sausage until about halfway done, add the rest of the ingredients to the pot, cook until done.

My recipes are so fancy, I know.

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