Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things to Make Traveling Easier

Now, by no means do I consider myself an established world traveler, but in my limited jaunts around the globe, I've found a few accessories that make my trip more convenient (and prettier!).

First, this travel wallet, it makes organizing your documents and such a breeze... comes in lots of colors, lots of little compartments and pockets, I absolutely love it.

Next, I discovered these packing cubes, and of course a quick look over at ebay (have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with eBay? It's amazing. Amazing, I say) produced this little gem for much cheaper. Instead of a giant suitcase with your belongings all jumbled around into clothes-and-shoes-and-jewelry-and-toiletry-and-whatever-else soup, you can keep things separated and organized. So perfect.

Then, I found these nifty little things called passport covers. Now, your passport doesn't necessarily NEED a cover, but I know that in Fiji mine didn't react so well to the humidity, plus it just makes it BEAUTIFUL, and who doesn't need a little besutiful in their life?? Etsy has several, or you can order a plain cover (again on ebay) and make your own! Nice, eh?

Pinterest also has lots of links to different travel websites with great tips and recommendations.

Gotta love the internet :)

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