Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our First Christmas Tree

Oh the holiday season… so glorious… so joyful.

From the neighbor boy’s mini snowman

To the torching of the Christmas trees on New Year’s Eve

It’s been an exceptionally great season, especially since it’s the first one I’ve spent with The Husband.

I was a little overly ambitious and decided that store-bought Christmas decorations were for cop-outs (don’t worry, I’ve since changed my tune) and that I needed to go crazy with the Pinterest Board and make our little Christmas tree the best. Ever.

Well, I certainly wouldn’t say that I succeeded, but I DID end up with some cute stuff (like, a bajillion man-hours later).

My colors/materials were burlap, peach, and pearl (very Christmas-y, I assure you), so I started making ornaments:

with some help from The Husband

and then used some peach tulle to spruce up the lights

and voilà!!! Our poor, little, ghetto tree became our favorite little beacon of joy.

PS a burlap and peach-tulle ruffle tree skirt is in the making, more on that later.

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