Saturday, June 6, 2015

Everyone has different reasons to exercise

We all have different reasons for exercising and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do it for the things I can do and the way I feel. I love to be able to climb and jump and pick up heavy things and race my husband down the road and do a women-only race and rope swing and on and on and on. I also love feeling strong and healthy, the feeling of setting a new PR, and feeling accomplished and disciplined.

Those aren’t the only good reasons to exercise, but they are mine. Other people exercise for looks and appearance, for competition, for comradery, for health or weight loss, and for a whole host of other reasons. Which is awesome.

Two things I found (and liked) on this topic:

First, for the people who want to be really lean.

I have a lot of respect for people who can be that lean. But so many people want it (thanks, media and unrealistic expectations) without realizing what goes into it. For some people, what it really takes is worth it. For most people, it’s not.

Second, for women who think they will get bulky and mannish if they lift.

Again, certain people like the very-muscular look, and it works for them. For most people, however, the amount of work that has to go into that level of strength and size isn’t going to happen, so it’s a completely unnecessary worry :).

Now I’m going to go and eat a cupcake.

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